Anhui Xingye T.I.T Group, founded in 1985, has more than 400 employees. With complete various licenses, it is specialized in manufacturing various electronic products such as remote device, controller, high-pressure discharge transformer, special air purifier power, enameled round copper wire, power adapter as well as various high-power and low-power switch power, etc. Meanwhile, it owns the wholly-owned supporting factory of PCB circuit boards, silicone rubber buttons, various plastic shells and mold manufacturing, etc. With more than one thousand of products specifications and models, the super-strong production supporting capacity and enormous potentiality, it focuses on independent R &D and innovation and also has various inventions, utility models and appearance patents. 95% of products have been sold abroad. The domestic annual total value of sales has reached up to 0.35 billion Yuan. Above 1000 dollars of foreign exchanges have been earned through exports. Xingye Group has the production building covering an area of more than 60000m2, more than 10 advanced production lines as well as the special-purpose production and detection equipment and instrument including full-automatic winding machine, bottler, full-automatic patch production line, wave soldering, wire bonder, mold manufacturing, drawing machine and enameling machine, etc. Moreover, it has the specialized ROSH testing laboratory. With a strong production capacity and strict quality control, our company has successively obtained various certifications and passed UL, VDE, CE, CB, CQC, SGS-ROSH and ISO:9001 international certification


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